About SaraiKids

A initiative by Sarai sport club.

Every child has unique set of qualities and identities which is full bundle of personality and unleash hidden potential. As a parent , educator is our role to channelize those skill set to become good human being

The outline of our vision elaborated in following outlines:

  • Creating a second home for children through a program where child feel safe secure and pampered with care and love.
  • Moto behind designing preschool and day boarding program to develop a independent child capable to control mind and emotions
  • Guiding parents and their ward about parenting bound and understanding child need to become social in early age.
  • Contributing into physical growth of child in early ages.
  • Together creating bright future of young generation

A initiative by Sarai sport club.

  • To groom kids with various games which will improve their hand-eye coordination while playing.
  • To develop fine motor skills.
  • To develop gross motor skills.
  • To reduce kids tantrum and hyperactivity
  • To increase body metabolism.
  • To improve simple motor skills, kicking, running and jumping hand-eye coordination.
“The idea behind starting with sport preschool is to boost healthier lifestyle in early age. This helps to nurture sports culture in kids right from a very young age. Today we have observed that most of the families are nuclear and parents are working so can’t give more quality time with kids. Early age is foundation of life and early days decides the future health and habits. To inculcate healthier lifestyle and good health its necessary to have regular sport activities in daily routine. Our Preschool program is designed to give them balance of academics and sport activities.” Director Desk